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capsule / collectables

capsule / collectables

The 35th anniversary of HUMANOID has been a source of inspiration for the capsule collection. While going through the archives of HUMANOID, the design team compiled 25 favourite items over the years in this collection, taking great care and attention to translate past models into a contemporary series.

The ATELIERS | HUMANOID capsule collection is unique, timeless, and easy-to-wear as your everyday favourite. The collection includes essential pieces that all deserve a place in your wardrobe. The refreshing simplicity of the models, the clever use of colour, and the details of the collection bring the HUMANOID feeling to life. 



A letter from HUMANOID’s founder and creative director

"The inspiration for the capsule collection came from our archives. We went back in time to the beginning of HUMANOID in 1981. Having just finished high school, I started with HUMANOID right away. No time to loose. 

With a big interest in fashion I've learnt everything myself – using myself as the mannequin. My first designs were created in front of the mirror. Most ideas came from molding or folding fabrics around myself to discover new ways of wearing clothes. One day, I began to experiment with wearing blouses backwards, since I feel that the back of a woman is the most sexy thing to show. Or I would take that blouse and tried to put my legs through the sleeves, and ultimately ended up creating the low crotch. I like the little faults in patterns which make styles really playful and for example rearranging the button order to create the ‘blub’. 

Our dive into the archives have given us inspiration to remakes our favourites styles.”